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Share Counts

Social networks are playing an increasingly important role in web traffic, and keeping track of how your site is performing across social media is more than just an ego boost - it can establish credibility, boost visitor confidence, help you better understand your site's traffic, influence advertising revenue, and more. The list goes on and on!

Here at Shareaholic, we understand how important it is to display share counts for your content, which is why we work to make attractive, easy-to-use tools so you can proudly display those hard-earned shares across your site.

Is there a bookmarklet available?

Yes there is! Use the Share Counts Bookmarklet to lookup share counts for any URL from anywhere on the web. Drag the bookmarklet below to your bookmarks bar. Then, when you’re on a page you want to check share counts for, simply click the bookmarklet.

Share Counts

Where do these share counts come from?

Shareaholic fetches these Share Counts through the API of each individual social network. This ensures that the accuracy of the share count data, since it is coming directly from the source. It also allows us to retrieve or recover any shares that may have gone 'missing' in the event of a domain switch, or move from HTTP to HTTPS.

The way these share counts are calculated does vary somewhat depending on the social network. Some networks only count the number of unique times a link has been shared, while others include other social actions ('likes', 'shares', even 'comments') in the total. So the best way to interpret the share count number shown is that it represents the most accurate number of quantifiable social actions on the shared URL.

Shareaholic does not store any share count data on our servers. Instead, we fetch that information for you in real time (as described above) and display it nicely for you on the page, so you can see all your hard-earned social media progress in one place.

What are these missing shares?

Most social networks store the share count data for a post on its URL. This means that if the URL changes in any way, such as a switch from HTTP to HTTPS or a move between domains, you're likely to see your share counts take a visible hit, since the social networks will see these new URLs as being completely different from the previous URLs, and assume they have a whole new set of share count data. Fortunately, we have a solution for this!

When you enter your page or post's URL and click 'Get Share Counts', we automatically check for both the HTTP and HTTPS version of the entered URL, no matter what version you pasted in. We'll tally up whatever we found in the "with Recovery" column. Even if you don't recall moving from HTTP to HTTPS, you might be surprised what missing shares we can find this way!

Which services do you currently support?

This tool currently supports share count retrieval for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Buffer, and Yummly. Twitter discontinued their Share Count API in November 2015, meaning it is no longer possible for any service (include Twitter's own 'Tweet' button) to retrieve shares directly from Twitter. We are looking into alternatives, but for now, this is the reason why Twitter is not included in the Share Counts list.

Why can't I see results for my Facebook post/page/image/link?

This service is for looking up URLs that would get shared across many social networks, like articles and websites. It does not support retrieving shares for any internal things within Facebook or any other social network.

Troubleshooting Facebook Shares

If your Facebook shares seem "off," there are a few possibilities here. Facebook normalizes shares for pages that declare a canonical URL using either the OpenGraph URL or canonical URL metatags. This means they aggregate shares across all URLs that share a canonical URL. If the canonical URL is set incorrectly, you may get back limited share data. You can use the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool to get more information about the data Facebook has for a given URL.

Share Count Recovery

So it says we've found a bunch of missing shares for your URL, now what? How do you get these missing shares to display on your page? With Shareaholic's Share Count Recovery tool, of course! This feature enables you to recover any missing shares that may have been lost in the URL change and combine them with any new shares you've received since, making sure that all your hard work and social proof is accounted for!

The Share Count Recovery feature is available with a Shareaholic Pro Plan subscription, and also includes recovery for situations when you have changed domain names (eg moving from to, or even to just! You do not need to have had Shareaholic installed before making the switch to SSL or domain change - you can sign up at any time and recover your shares!

If you're interested in signing up for Shareaholic Pro for the Share Count Recovery tool, but you're not sure what we'll be able to recover, you've come to the right place! You can use this page to preview how many shares your page will get back with Share Count Recovery!

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